"Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." 
     Remember when we were young? Remember the playtime that involved imaginative scenarios with  friends and laughs? As grownups, we see it’s been increasingly difficult to fit playtime into our children’s busy schedules between homework, dinner, and other after-school activities. Yoga Foster understands how important the nurturing of creativity is to the continued success of our children in all aspects of their lives. Understanding the benefits of creativity and play through yoga allows us to see life-long skills being nurtured during a Yoga Foster semester! 
  • Yoga Foster connects us to others. Developing empathy, passion, and trust allows social skills and cooperation to blossom.
  • Yoga Foster encourages creativity. Curiosity, games, and trial and error are the elements of creative minds that build confidence. 
  • Yoga Foster makes us happy. Finding creativity through yoga and games comes from the pure joy and happiness in each Yoga Foster class.